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Amazing Stats
The following statistics were submitted by world authorities on all things Roger, Vicky & Rory McEvoy

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  • SONG TITLES I have counted a total of 818. (Comprised of 557 English, 168 German, 92 French, 1 Norwegian.) Note that 19 of the German titles plus half of the French ones are translations from the English versions recorded by Roger.

  • ALBUMS RELEASED This is extremely difficult to clarify because of the amount of duplication, re-releases, many title variations released in different countries, etc. I have just counted 273 different LPs plus 215 different CDs. However, there's some duplication here as a few early CD's were also offered on LP. The best estimate of Whittaker Albums would be 450+

  • RECORD LABELS We show Roger appearing on at least 48 labels,

  • CONCERT VENUES Roger has performed at 155 DIFFERENT concert venues in the US, 40 in Canada, 58 in Ireland and the UK, 3 in Austria, 23 in Denmark, 47 in Germany, 6 in ANZ.