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Some questions were used in our master thesis research by our new authors.


1. How did Roger Whittaker obtain the lyrics to "The Last Farewell?"
They were sent in by listener (Webster) to Roger's BBC radio program

2. In the song "Indian Lady" (circa 1978) what did the singer and the Indian Lady do in the waters of her land?
They swam together naked

3. In the song "Durham Town" how many total times are the words "leave" and "leaving" sung?

4. What is the French title to the song "Durham Town?"
Mon Pays Bleu

5. What was Darcy the Dragon's problem?
His breathing fire set everything on fire and he could not do his Christmas shopping (on the Roger Wittaker Christmas Album)

6. What was Roger Whittaker's first single and when was it released?
The Charge of the Light Brigade, 1962


7. Where do Shawn and his brother leave for "one cold November day?"
The Giant Land (America)

8. On the 1993 album "Celebration" what song reveals how parents sometimes feel about their children?
Should've Had Dogs


9. On the cover of the 1982 album "The Wind Beneath My Wings" Roger Whittaker is pictured standing in front of what?
An Airplane

10. On the 1996 album, "A Perfect Day" Roger Whittaker is pictured sitting beneath what kind of tree?
A Tree Dropping Long Fuzzy Things (we think is a Chestnut Tree)

11. Besides wearing a full beard instead of his more familiar mustache or goatee what is different about Roger's appearance on the cover of the 1994 RCA album "Greatest Hits."
His hair is parted on the (his) right. Also there is no wedding band on his left (?) hand. It is likely that the negative was reversed when the picture was printed.

12. What do the cover art of the albums, "I Will Always Love You" (1994), "Live!" (1994 RCA), and "On Broadway" (1995) have in common?
He is wearing the same hat!


13. In the BBC television show "Whistle Stop" what song did Roger Whittaker sing to conclude the program?
Michael Row the Boat Ashore

14. For what cause was the song, "I Am But a Small Voice" written and recorded?
The "Children Helping Children" program he started through the United Nations UNESCO program

15. What is now common but Roger Whittaker says he was first to do on Television?
Sell records on television

16. On the 1975 live album "Roger Whittaker Live in Canada" (also released in the USA as "Roger Whittaker Live in Concert") what group performed as the backup group?